How We Are Different

Joe Hosmer and John Wise started on the other side, representing insurance companies in workers’ compensation cases. They know the strategy the insurance company will use to fight your claim and they know how to present a successful case against them.

What Is Your Goal When You Take On A Workers Comp Case?

We Use Our Experience to Get You the Benefits You Deserve

They choose qualified, credible physicians to support your claim and they are highly experienced at cross-examining the doctors who are working with the insurance company. Hosmer and Wise are experienced at pointing out discrepancies and holes in the insurance company’s case.

When we take on your case, we know how much it is worth, we know the maximum amount of compensation that your case can likely bring you and we will not give up until we get you what you deserve. We aggressively negotiate on your behalf, but if negotiations don’t bring the best result, we will take your case to trial. We have a nearly 100% success rate at trial.